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17% of children in America live in food insecure households. What this means is that they have limited access to food. What many of us don’t realize is that this becomes an even bigger issue during the summer when families loose access to school meal programs. Laila Ali says “1 in 6 kids faces hunger” […]

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Laila Ali has gotten into a messy situation that will most likely impact her legally and financially. She was in an accident that sent an elderly man to the hospital on Tuesday. Specifically, she backed into him with her car. Ali, 40, hit the man while driving through the parking lot of the Calabasas Commons in […]

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  Willie Moore Jr.’s wife has him on what he calls a grass and shake diet to help them stay in shape, but he’s not too sure about how he feels because it isn’t easy. Luckily Laila Ali has a new cook book called Food For Life: Delicious & Healthy Comfort Food From My Table To […]

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  Daughter of the amazing boxing legend Muhammad Ali and a legend herself in the world of boxing, Laila Ali loves having the legacy of her father flowing inside her and feels that she’s been able to do her own thing in life while still keeping the memory of her father alive. “You know what? […]

What does 4 time retired boxing champion Laila Ali do with her time now? She pours it into her family and helping very deserving people by changing their lifestyles for the better. She’s hosting the 7th season of OWN’s Home Made Simple With Laila Ali. “It is so much fun. Obviously you know it’s an honor […]

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The boxer stopped by Huffington Post Live earlier this week and revealed her opinion on the Black Lives Matter Movement.