Kanye West

Media sources are reporting that Kim Kardashian is trying to win over Beyoncé’s friendship through Blue Ivy. Tabloids say that Kanye’s beau purchased a $5,000 diamond studded bracelet that is rumored to be engraved “Love Auntie Kim.” This could also be coincidental since Kim’s sister Kourtney just gave birth to a baby girl this past […]

TMZ is reporting that the Los Angeles home of Kanye West was broken into while he is in Europe wrapping up his "Watch the Throne" tour with Jay-Z. According to TMZ, someone from West’s home called the police to report a break-in. It’s unclear if anything was actually taken, but witnesses say the thieves dropped […]

While Kanye West was in Ireland watching the throne on his 35th birthday, his girlfriend Kim Kardashian gave him something else to feast his eyes on: a new Lamborghini. Go to The Urban Daily to see photo.

The stars were out to watch Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Watch the Throne" Concert in Paris, including; the Dream, Spike Lee, and Beyonce's best friend Gwyneth Paltrow. One of the rap duo's hit songs is "N**gas in Paris" and it was their first time in Paris, France performing the track. In celebration, Kanye West and […]

Chris Paul blasts through 60 seconds of Kim and Kanye, is Kanye blowing off work to spend time with Kim?

Dominique jokes with TJMS about tazing, Flavor Flav's child support debt and Kim Kardashian putting her foot down, sorry Rihanna you cannot visit Kanye in his dressing room anymore! As Dominique says, "kindred spirits know kindred spirits, a hoe knows a hoe."   Listen for more.

The relationship between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has already infiltrated his music. Now, critics believe their relationship is more of a distraction than a muse. The New York Daily News reports that since the start of their relationship, Kanye has missed several performances including a club appearance in Cannes, France last week where he […]