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North West, the 9-year-old firstborn daughter of tabloid darlings Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, is a superstar in her own pint-sized right. From her fashion choices to her hair tutorials, the child prodigy has a massive hold on the game of social media even before hitting double digits. However, that’s what might be proving to be the problem.



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The pre-teen princess of a reality TV empire, North set the Interwebs ablaze recently when she decided to hop on her favorite content-sharing platform, TikTok, and imitate sexually-explicit female emcee Ice Spice.

How explicit, you ask? Below is the cover for Like…?, Ice Spice’s breakout EP released back in January which contains her summer 2022 viral hit, “Munch (Feelin’ U)”:


The song young Northie and her equally-underaged friends are mouthing in the above viral clip is from the Bronx-born rapper’s new collaboration with British singer PinkPantheress titled “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2,” currently the #3 song in the country on the Billboard Hot 100.

Take a look at the lyrics KimYe’s 9-year-old daughter and her friends were mimicking below:

“He say that I’m good enough, grabbing my ‘duh-duh-duh’
Thinking ’bout shit that I shouldn’t’ve
So I tell him there’s one of me, he making fun of me
His girl is a bum to me
Like that boy is a cap
Saying he home, but I know where he at, like
Bet he blowing her back
Thinking ’bout me ’cause he know that it’s fat”

— Ice Spice, “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” (with PinkPantheress) [2023]

Although North does in fact do her best to censor herself, as to not mouth the more explicit parts, the act of her even imitating the song while dressed in a full Ice Spice get-up — carrot top wig and all! — is really what has people concerned, More specifically, many are recalling the rant that her father went on last summer when it came to this very topic.



Ye, albeit dealing with his own life issues and the aftermath of that scathing ‘Hitler praise party’ a few months back, may have been voicing real concern on his rights to parent what his own daughter is exposed to on the internet. While he did say these things in the midst of many, many other distracting hot takes as well, it puts things into a different perspective when you consider that he now has to watch the world critique his daughter for the same things he argued so vigorously for just a year ago.

However, it can also be said that North West is just a regular nine-year-old innocently enjoying music and the Internet as millions her age are doing across the world. We’re sure many of you out there can remember singing Akinkele’s 1996 street classic “Put It in Your Mouth” while simultaneously learning your A-B-Cs! Do the rules now change given her celebrity status and that her page, which she shares with and is managed by momma Kim under the handle @kimandnorth, has 15 million followers and counting?


Let us know your opinion: is North West too young to be imitating the very adult music and image of rapper Ice Spice? Was Kanye right to parent her social media moves all along? See what others are saying below:


1. Seeing people upset that North West knows who Ice Spice is and is listening to that music at that age is kinda funny because when I was her age I absolutely knew all 32 flavors of that bootylicious bubblegum

via @theeblackusagii

2. I can’t lie north west is like every other kid! Let’s not act we didn’t tie up our tops and whine against the wall copying Christina, Britney, Pussycat dolls, Jlo and Beyoncé etc

via @mdaixo

3. I cannot judge north west for loving ice spice when I was 3 years old rapping along to Hail Mary and my parents bought me Usher’s my way album in elementary school 😭

via @nhoodpublicist

4. ice spice babysitting north west and her friends wasn’t on my 2023 checklist 😭

via @gbennylola

5. That video of Northwest is not cute. Y’all are so unserious.

via @mstiffanysonly

6. Kanye was right … there’s no way a 9 year old should be idolizing ice spice and listening to her music about twerking and having $ex with men… Kim is a terrible parent.

via @Qurandale

7. Y’all owe Kanye an apology.

via @MamasatHome_

8. I might get cooked but idc this is a little girl just looking up to an artist… you niggas over here saying “Kanye was right” is crazy.. Kids from older generations was doing the same thing and their artist was way worse than ice spice stop tryna hate on a little girl grow up

via @ihykari

9. Kanye was right and y’all just ignorant 🤷‍♂️ no way you see a actual child dressing up like a Sexualized rapper who makes music about sexualized things cute and funny. It’s disgusting

via @SpidaLandCLE

10. We are witnessing what Kanye was talking about 😂 in real time.

via @ItsEmanmusik