Diddy’s longtime girlfriend, now ex girlfriend, Cassie got married! Congrats to her and her new hubby on their marriage and baby on the way. Huggy says that this proves good girls don’t like bad boys anymore. He jokes that even her hair has grown back! Cassie is so happy with Alex Fine and we’re all […]

Huggy still isn’t watching the NFL, but he was looking at the highlights and had “high hopes” for the Washington Football Team. But he says he was,” disappointed in the end.” He just can’t wrap his head around how they manged to blow a 17 point lead. He says, “they looked like the Washington Falcons […]

Does Joe owe 50 Cent money? Huggy can’t understand why they changed the theme song. We’ve seen the first two episodes and he still doesn’t like it. Trey Songz is talented but he wants Joe back! So many people are upset and they haven’t held back. Trey said his feelings are hurt. But, Huggy will […]

Huggy Lowdown watched the Presidential debate and couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the candidates names would make interesting names of weed. Imagine a Klobuchar kush, or Buttigeg Bud. Huggy has a whole list of great names and just couldn’t contain his laughter. Listen to the audio above and comment your favorite name. […]

Today is National Chicken Wing day! Huggy says this is a day that everyone can get behind, because everyone loves wings. Some people love drums and weird people like, Taylor Swift like all flats. Chicken wings are a big business, Huggy says they’re the “#3 reason to visit hooters.” But that’s not all, today is […]

During the Black Moms Matter segment Kym admitted to wetting the bed and blaming it on her son Joshua, and Huggy just can’t let it go! He can’t believe she’d blame her son for something she knows full well she did. Especially with him being a black man who will be blamed for things he […]

Hearing about Guy’s trip to Cuba makes Huggy want to take a vacation too! He isn’t sure where  he’ll go but he knows he won’t be booking a round trip ticker to the Dominican Republic. Guy has been relaxing and chilling in Havana meanwhile Huggy has been burning up in “Trumpland.” It’s so hot that […]

Alex Rodriguez is the Bama of the Week! he went Sarah Sanders during an interview with Sports Illustrated and said he sat with Kylie Jenner at the Met Gala and she bragged about how much money she had. Kylie tweeted him and said that they actually talked about Game of Thrones. He then went on […]

Donald Trump observed the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion in England, with other leaders on Thursday and signed a D-Day proclamation to “ensure that the sacrifices of the past are never in vain and never forgotten.” All of the world leaders signed the bottom but of course 45 decided to sign at the top […]

The Notre Dame in Paris was on fire yesterday and lots of people were upset about it. There were photos and videos of the historic cathedral burning all over the internet. If Obama were still president Huggy believe he would have had something to say “because Obama cared.” Trump doesn’t seem to. ” HEAD BACK […]

Why in the world did Donald Trump lie and say that his dad was born in Germany? Huggy is convinced that he’s so used to lying he just can’t help it. Or maybe he had some German chocolate cake so that was the first place that came to mind. HEAD BACK TO THE BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM HOMEPAGE

Tom went to Toni Braxton’s concert over the weekend and fell in love! Huggy and cousin Nardo are concerned though because rumor has it, goes for a new man when she needs money. But, it Tom is sure of it then they’ll be supportive. But, has anyone told Kym and Sherri that he has a […]