ATLANTA (AP) — Herman Cain, former Republican presidential candidate and former CEO of a major pizza chain who went on to become an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, has died of complications from the coronavirus. He was 74. A post on Cain’s Twitter account Thursday announced the death. Cain had been ill with the virus […]


Former presidential candidate Herman Cain believes Black folks have been “brainwashed” by the media to hate the president. Cain, Donald Trump’s former nominee to serve on the Federal Reserve Board, was asked by TMZ why more Black Americans hold less than favorable views of Trump despite his progress on criminal justice reform, for instance. “They’re getting brainwashed according to the […]

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Herman Cain posted a bizarre letter on his website in support of HUD Secretary Ben Carson titled “House Negroes stand up!” “Because that’s one of the names you get called by other black people when you are a success at something, and you do not buy into ‘black group think,’ or act and say what […]

The “Hermanator” is back!  Former pizza magnate and former Republican candidate for the 2012 presidential nomination Hermain Cain (pictured) is at it again, but this time his…

The former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain (pictured) is hawking some pretty eye-opening wares these days on his “Cain TV” Internet web network. One of the…

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Tim Duncan has got some real drama.  The NBA star is already going through a sticky divorce and now there are rumors that he’s bisexual.  The word online is that Tim goes both ways and that’s why his wife is divorcing him.  Now I don’t know if it’s true, but I did kind of think […]

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The votes were barely in and the celebratory confetti barely dropped on President Barack Obama for his impressive re-election victory last Tuesday night before politicians, prognosticators, and the voting public turned their attention to the 2016 presidential election. Obama’s second and final term means a jump ball for the White House in 2016, and there […]

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The one-time GOP presidential contender Herman Cain is about to blow up and not in a good way. It seems that his former side chick Ginger White  is going the Rielle Hunter route by writing a juicy tell-all about her fling with the conservative pizza meister, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. When Cain was campaigning on […]

For those who assumed Herman Cain would go away quietly after he dropped out of the presidential race eight months ago, think again. Cain, a charismatic businessman who relishes sharing his ideas with the public, will hit the road in nine days for a 30-day, 30-city “Truth Tour,” an ambitious schedule of events to help […]

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Herman Cain is back in the news talking again and this time around the topic is the NAACP. Friday on “Fox and Friends,” former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said that while he is grateful for the past work of the NAACP, the organization has “lost its relevance.” “It’s looking for its relevance in all […]

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If you thought you’d seen the last of Herman Cain, think again. The one-time Republican presidential candidate will be debuting his online TV network, “Cain TV,” this July 4th, according to the Huffington Post. The Morehouse graduate, who is already making moves to host his own radio show, seems to want to take over all […]