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Former presidential candidate Herman Cain believes Black folks have been “brainwashed” by the media to hate the president.

Cain, Donald Trump’s former nominee to serve on the Federal Reserve Board, was asked by TMZ why more Black Americans hold less than favorable views of Trump despite his progress on criminal justice reform, for instance.

“They’re getting brainwashed according to the news that they watch,” Cain said. “It’s been statistically shown that certain stations, certain news outlets, they simply are not telling the entire truth. And in some cases, people are being brainwashed.”

Twitter user Aisha Na’Sha replied under the comments of the TMZ story with: “Definitely not true. My earliest memory of Donald Trump was him doing something disrespectful. So from jump my opinion on him has always been a little off. I don’t hate anyone.”

Cain says Trump should be acknowledged for the work he’s doing behind the scenes for the culture, like pushing forward criminal justice reform and lowering unemployment rates. He believes these accomplishments are overlooked due to “fake news.”

Do you agree?

Meanwhile, as noted by The Hill, Trump announced Cain’s withdrawal from consideration to serve on the Federal Reserve’s board of governors in a tweet days after the pizza tycoon said on the Fox Business Network that he wouldn’t “run away from criticism” and that withdrawing was “not in [his] nature.”

“My friend Herman Cain, a truly wonderful man, has asked me not to nominate him for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board. I will respect his wishes. Herman is a great American who truly loves our Country!” Trump tweeted last month.

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18 thoughts on “Herman Cain Believes ‘Fake News’ Has ‘Brainwashed’ Black Folks To Hate Trump [Video]

  1. Nathan on said:

    No Cain, the Central Park 5, Federal fines for not renting to blacks, suggesting that the first black President wasn’t born in this country and numerous other comments and actions are why that POS is not popular among blacks. By the way Herman Boy the only reason you were nominated for the position was so you could sacrificed so that the other white candidate would have an easier time getting approved thinking that that the Republicans wouldn’t turn down two of Trumps nominees. You’re still carrying water for your master.

  2. Patrick on said:

    9 – 9 – 9. (Nein-Nein-Nein). Somebody tell me why you are even giving him any press. The main should be considered “null and void” and not given a platform for anything. Eric Garner’s murderer may be found guilty, The so called Sandra Bland’s mysterious death may see finally be exposed!

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      @ Patrick….The white powered press will always give a black coon or fool a media platform to embarrass himself, his race or to mislead other uniform simps.

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    Herman Dumbman is an accomplished fool. That orange fraud pulled the shucky ducky on coon Herman. That fraud knew that the GOP wasn’t going to support Herman’s nomination. He nominates an old coon so the slaves on his plantation will stay, sit and heel. That orange piece of crap can say, “See I tried nominating a black.” The coon slave mafia is strong. Malcolm X was prophetic. Way back in 1964 Malcom said that “We been had.” All the devil has to do is offer you peanuts and coffee and simple coons will say, “See, he’s not bad.” White people have mastered the coon chess game. Disgusting coon slaves are still playing. Herman is not afraid of being a fool, he’s just being himself.

  4. stan on said:

    The black didn’t need to be brain washed, the democrat party have done a excellent job on their tiny little brain.

  5. STFU You Uncle Ben!!!!!
    African American’s CAN see Chump for WHAT he truly is–a RACIST TURD!!!!!!!!!

    Go sit your dumbass down somewhere-Herman Cain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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