After months filled with many people worrying about her whereabouts, especially given reports of alleged declining health popping up every other day, Wendy Williams has finally put a few rumors to rest in a new video that's began to make rounds on social media.

Many outlets are now reporting that Wendy Williams is fighting to get access back into her Wells Fargo account after a former financial advisor allegedly told the bank that the beloved talk show host wasn't in her right state of mind, fueling suspicions of dementia yet again.

New health updates on Wendy Williams seem to be more conflicting than ever, with many outlets saying the beloved talk show host is seriously down bad in terms of health while those in her inner circle are brushing off the negative press as nothing other than speculation.

As fans of Wendy Williams await her return to daytime TV following a longer-than-expected break to focus on health, her son Kevin Jr. gave a visual update for the New Year of the media maven looking good and well-fed.

Following recent health scares, media maven Wendy Williams jumped on Instagram to issue an official statement on when to expect her daytime TV comeback and, in typical fashion, update the masses on "how she's doin'."