Guys Gripe

Guy has a gripe with people who forget where they are, not those with dementia, but people who go to comedy cubs with a stick up their butts. For example, last weekend Guy performed in Ohio and 4 old white people were cracking up. Until he told a Trump joke, then they got red and […]

Guy thanks his parents for raising him the way that they did. A lot of the lessons they taught him stick with him to this day. For example, his dad always said “put things back where you found them.” Clearly a lot of people never got that lesson. Like shopping carts, please put them back. […]

A listener from Atlanta has a gripe with her friend’s mother. The mother apparently was pressuring her to have children because she wanted grand babies. And recently her friend had a child, but now her mother charges her when she babysits. The situation bothers this woman because she feels like it’s wrong. Should a grandma […]

Guy has a listener gripe, and though he personally can’t relate, he feels it’s important to share. This woman has been a hairstylist for over 20 years and says her clientele is 99.9% black females. She hates wigs and says they’re “cutting into my business.” She says everyday she prays that one day wigs will […]

Yesterday when Guy went to get his colonoscopy he arrived early, of course. Once he finally found the office that he was supposed to check in at he was surprised to be greeted with attitude. The woman behind the counter seemed upset that he arrived early and told him that they were closed. Guy didn’t […]

Guy Torry hears jokes about his height almost every day and at this point he’s over it. Especially the jokes from people who are shorter than him, like TJMS engineer Super Dave and Kirk Franklin. So, to set things straight Guy says “I am 5 foot 8” and to further explain he says “the average […]

If you know anything about Guy, you know he loves his hats! They have become a huge part of his personal style. This weekend an airline had him, “hotter than the Raiders are at Antonio Brown,” he said. His hats are so special to him because some are customs and some were his dads. He loves […]

Guy has a gripe from a listener and she’s fed up with dating! She had been meeting guys in bars and on social media and it wasn’t working out for her. So, when a friend suggested she try a dating app she went for it. But, that was even worse. She met a guy who […]

Guy was at home this weekend and his neighbor who is Black, asked him if he wanted to come hang with him and the fellas. On their way out, one of their other Black neighbors, who Guy calls “the broke one,” saw them and wanted to come too. They were out having a good time, […]

A listener text in a gripe about people not having appropriate funeral attire or behavior. Some people show up to funerals in big white T shirts, sagging, pants, club dresses, and even baseball caps!  Worse than their attire is their behavior. She’s noticed people recording the funeral and posting photos to Instagram. HEAD BACK TO […]

Guy accepts gripes from listeners on his Instagram page and this one comes from a woman who’s fed up with her best friend. Her best friend is the type that gets in a relationship and seems to forget about her friends. She flakes out on plans, misses out on business deals and literally disappears sometimes. […]

Guy got a gripe from a listener named Nick who says he likes his women thick. Thick to Nick means all the way thick….meaning booty included. He can’t stand to see a beautiful woman who’s thick everywhere except her butt. But, he doesn’t suggest butt implants or shots, he suggests good old fashion squats. Sybil […]