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Clarence Thomas was one of three justices to write a dissent about the Supreme Court's blocking the execution of Keith Tharpe, a Black Georgia death row inmate.

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The Tom Joyner Morning Show traveled to Georgia to Florida! Check out the pics!  

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The parents of Kendrick Johnson, the Georgia teenager whose lifeless body was mysteriously found rolled up in a wrestling mat at his high school two years ago, have filed a $100 million lawsuit against 38 people —including local, state and federal law enforcement officials and three classmates. Kendrick, 17, a member of the wrestling team […]

For iPhone:   Charles “Chuck” Burris was elected Stone Mountain, Ga.’s first Black mayor on this day in 1997. Despite low voter turnout in the city near Atlanta, Burris was able to eke out a narrow win to become the mayor of the city known as the birthplace of the modern Ku Klux Klan. Burris […]

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On June 11, 1964, only eight days after the Civil Rights Act had passed, three black men, soldiers and teachers at the U.S. Army Reserves, headed home from training at Fort Benning, near Columbus, GA. Lt. Colonel Lemuel Penn, Major Charles Brown and Lt. Colonel John Howard were driving down a lonely road in Athens, […]