The days of passengers bringing their pets on airplanes as emotional-support animals could be ending. The U.S. Department of Transportation on Wednesday proposed that only specially trained dogs qualify as service animals, which must be allowed in the cabin at no charge. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER:  Airlines could ban emotional-support animals including untrained dogs, […]


Record throngs of travelers are expected to jam into airports over the Thanksgiving break and airlines are adding hundreds of flights a day in response. The Transportation Security Administration said Wednesday that it expects to screen more than 26.8 million passengers and airline crew members between Nov. 22 and Dec. 2. That would be a […]

If you know someone who is scared of flying, you may be tempted to try to ease that fear. But, please don’t say any of these things. Please don’t tell them, “it’s going to be okay,” they probably know it’s going to be okay but they’re still scared. And as kind as you’re trying to […]

Guy gripes that flying isn’t fun anymore. He read a story about an airline kicking a woman off of a plane because her top was too revealing. Apparently the woman’s top was see through so they asked her to change it. After changing the woman was still upset and was reportedly removed after causing a […]

Damon fly’s quite often and it provides beautiful views but it’s also terrifying! Think about it,  “when planes go bad they pretty much go all the way bad,” he says. Turbulence makes him nervous because you can’t exactly pull a plane over if there’s an issue. But most importantly he thinks all pilots should take […]

Huggy Lowdown flew from D.C. to Jacksonville on a straight flight! But, before you get excited…his experience was terrible. He says the plane was tiny! He had to take a shuttle to get to the plane, then his bag didn’t fit in the overhead bin and he had no leg room. The worst part of […]

Guy’s got a gripe! When flying who is in control of the window shade? Is it the person in the window seat or should everyone in that row have a say? We’ve got to resolve this issue! Let us know what you think!   READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER:  LIKE […]

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Are you scared of flying and sick of people telling you how to get over your fear? On “The DL Hughley Show” the team talked about the ’10 Things People With A Fear Of Flying Are Sick Of Hearing.’ Some of them include just taking a sip of water or alcohol, talking to the flight […]

Even with all the regulations when flying nowadays, it’s still relatively easy to bring your little dogs and cats on the plane right alongside you. But that might be coming to an end very soon. Click on the audio player to hear them in this edition of The Jazzy Report on The D.L. Hughley Show. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]

If you have a fear of flying and people often notice you hyperventilating in the corner, you’ve probably heard these 10 things over and over (and are sick of them)! Click on the audio player to hear this list by Jasmine Sanders on The D.L. Hughley Show! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! RELATED: Confederate Flag Still Flying At […]

With spring break right around the corner, many of us will be traveling by plane to reach our far off destinations. But, here’s the thing–we…

There was a little trouble right before take off on a flight actor/comedian Brandon T. Jackson was on. The “Tropic Thunder” funnyman was on a…