Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry

Little Known Black History Facts

On December 18, 1996, the school district in Oakland, Calif. passed an amendment to designate Ebonics as a main language of its predominantly African-American student base. The move was met with outrage and resistance, leading to changes in the amendment. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER:  The term Ebonics has since been replaced with a more […]


According to a Vice report, a new study shows that court reporters frequently fail at correctly transcribing the testimony of Black folks, which can have a devastating impact on individuals during a trial. The new study, which will be published in the journal Language next month, highlights and expands on previous research that found court reporters […]

If You Missed It

Today is one of those days where I could talk to you about 100 different stories and topics. I don’t know if you’ve read that new Quincy Jones interview that was released yesterday, but I’m still stuck on about 20 different things he said and could’ve spent my entire time this morning just unpacking a […]

When it comes to our use of the English language, it seems that black people just can’t win, no matter what end of the mastery spectrum we fall on. This past week Rachel Jeantel, the last person to talk to murdered teenager Trayvon Martin, took the stand in the trial of George Zimmerman, a watchman […]