Another Black man driving for a high-profile company experienced the latest case of DWB recently thanks to a police officer in Collegedale, Tennessee that tased him during a traffic stop.

A driver for ABC's long-running hit medical drama 'Grey's Anatomy' experienced the worst kind of DWB incident after he was falsely arrested at gunpoint in front of the whole crew, and now he wants the City of Los Angeles and LAPD to pay up $20 million for his traumatic ordeal. 

A Black FedEx driver in Brookhaven, Mississippi unfortunately found himself in a similar situation as the late Ahmaud Arbery after his delivery van was shot at and chased down by a white father and his son that thought he looked "suspicious."

A Black Google product manager had to go through a DWB situation after he was stopped by security on the famous tech campus and questioned until he missed his bus. Oh, and they took his badge — all because security didn't believe this Black man was an actual employee.

Data taken from the Illinois Traffic and Pedestrian Stop Study suggests that Black drivers are actually seven times more likely to get stopped by Chicago police compared to what White people experience. 

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A new film examines the history of African Americans driving on the road from the Great Depression to the height of the Civil Rights movement. “Driving While Black,” airing this week on most PBS stations in the U.S., show how the automobile liberated African Americans to move around the country while […]


Last year, a Black driver in Des Moines, Iowa was pulled over for a hard to read temporary tag. Lonnie Porter, 41, who says the officer pulled him over without reason, will be paid $25,000 to settle a lawsuit in a case that provides further evidence of racial profiling within the Des Moines Police department, reports […]

A Black female immigration agent sued New Mexico’s Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department for racial profiling.

A new Las Vegas, Nevada study said that drivers are less likely to stop and pump the brakes for African-American pedestrians, supporting the "walking while Black" phenomenon.

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A “Driving While Black” smartphone application is set for release this month, but its developers say motorists should be careful when they use it. “Do not reach for your phone when you are talking to police,” stressed attorney Melvin Oden-Orr, who created the app with another Portland lawyer and a software […]