When women want to have sex but won’t say it they do some pretty interesting things. Sometimes women will joke about just being friends, which seems like it defeats the point, but they do it. They may also just randomly sit on your lap at a weird time. Yep, ladies are weird. Listen to the […]

When looking for a new relationship, being asked on a date is exciting! But there are a few first date ideas that you should probably turn down. While going to a casino is a fun night out with friends, it’s probably not the best place for a first date. And chilling at home is great, […]

Texts between a couple can get pretty weird the longer they’re together. Once you’ve been together for a while all of that cute stuff goes out the window! Long term couples send each other things like, condom requests, pictures of their dirty underwear, toilet paper requests and bribes. What’s one of the funniest texts you’ve […]

“The Real” co-host Loni Love continues to catch major heat after slamming Black guys for being unfaithful. In case you missed it, “The Real” co-hosts were dishing about Joe Budden’s comments on Kevin Hart’s infidelity when Loni made time to shade Black males. “I don’t speak for the Black community by I do think that a lot of Black men, they […]

As the holiday’s approach nobody wants to think about breaking up with bae! If you happen to breakup with your boo, don’t tell your mom! Why, you ask? Because there’s a possibility you may have an arranged marriage, she may say she told you so and she might make you a Tinder profile.

On a recent episode of “The Real,” Comedian Loni Love encouraged Black women to be open to dating outside of their race. Funny chair guest host Jackie Fabulous said she’s open to dating a white guy, but they never approach her. She even flirts with them but they “run away screaming,” she said.

Do you feel like men never approach you? Well, there are some reasons why single Black men don’t approach Black women. There’s the intimidation factor, some Black men feel like Black women aren’t supportive enough, and sometimes Black women don’t look like they want to be bothered. Of all of the reasons listed, the one […]

Since announcing her divorce from husband/manager Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams claims she has wasted no time jumping back into the dating scene. As reported by thejasminebrand, she was rumored to have been dating a 27-year-old male earlier in the year, but later admitted to being boo’d up with an unnamed doctor. Wendy has shared no personal […]

Guy uses this time to send an important message to the ladies. If you’re wondering if you’re just a fling to the man you’ve been “seeing,” there are some pretty clear signs. If he only wants to see you late at night, if there are breaks between your “dates,” if he freaks out at the […]

Dating is fun and sometimes funny! But when it comes to dating a guy too young things can get interesting. Sherri is okay with it but she finds herself having to remind guys that she needs a break because she’s not like their PlayStation. An older man might be better because all you have to […]

After a string of failed romances, as tempting as it may be to ride off on your bad b*tch carpet and say, “It was them, not me,” at a certain point you have to look at the common denominator in all those relationships: you. It’s easy to diss your ex for what he couldn’t do or couldn’t […]

Dating is fun, but can be stressful. There are some things that men really wish women would do on dates. For one, a man would love to not hear about your ex. Men also would like to be given compliments and they’d love it if a woman offered to pay.