Danielle Spencer

In the wake of our recent story of former “What’s Happening” actress Danielle Spencer having to under go an emergency operation for bleeding on the brain, we’ve got some relatively good news about her current condition. Here’s a statement from her publicist, Jason Hardy of The J Hardy Agency: “Currently Danielle is recovering at home with […]

Dr. Danielle Spencer, known for her role as “Dee” on the 1970s sitcom What’s Happening, is recovering from emergency brain surgery on a bleeding hematoma. 

Ernest Thomas and Danielle Spencer are best known as “Raj” and “Dee” from What’s Happening! but did you know Danielle has added “Dr.” to her name and Ernest is now an author? Learn more about this and Arsenio Hall driving Ernest to the YMCA in the audio file above! The What’s Happening! reunion is happening […]

Danielle Spencer, former child star of 70s classic “What’s Happening” recently revealed a shocking diagnosis to Black America Web: she’s got breast cancer and was…

For iPhone:   Dr. Danielle Spencer played the bratty little sister Dee on the late-’70s sitcom, ‘ What’s Happening!!’ But the now 49-year-old actress is not a sad cautionary tale like so many other child stars. After the show ended it’s 3-year run from 1975-1978, Spencer went on to Tuskeegee University where she completed a degree […]