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In the wake of our recent story of former “What’s Happening” actress Danielle Spencer having to under go an emergency operation for bleeding on the brain, we’ve got some relatively good news about her current condition.

Here’s a statement from her publicist, Jason Hardy of The J Hardy Agency:

“Currently Danielle is recovering at home with the assistance of home health care aides daily who are currently focusing on physical and occupational therapy for some memory loss and to teach her how to walk again. If therapy with the home health aides does not result in sufficient progress, she will be admitted to a rehabilitation facility for care.”

“Danielle is overwhelmed by all of the love and support she has received from her family, friends and media outlets. She greatly appreciates the “What’s Happening!!” friends and supporters who have held her down through it all!”

“Danielle does have insurance however, there have been many costs associated with her continued care that insurance does not cover and have left her in a financial bind. Funds set up from the “Friends of Danielle” Go Fund Me page will assist with these associated costs and help her sustain the continued care that is much needed.”