Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry

Have you been out to dinner with a friend who suggests that you split a meal? Torrei says that’s not happening! Dom feels the same way, she’s not on a diet so she doesn’t want or need a half portion. But they both say their friends should know that they like their food and will […]

There are some girls who refuse to let go of fashion from their youth. Sherri has a friend who likes to wear her mini skirts but her spanx are longer than the skirt! Dom’s friends used to be skinny but they’re not anymore. Unfortunately, they don’t dress or their new bigger bodies; they try to […]

If a fine younger guy asks you on a date without knowing how old you are Dominique says you go! You don’t have to tell him how old you are because he’ll find out “on the by and by.” He will figure it out when he asks you to go to a Migos concert and […]

Dominique and Torrei are in today for Kym and Sherri. We love when we get to spend time with these two! Both ladies have been booked and busy. Dom has a new show on Adult Swim called Tropical Cop Tales and it’s hilarious! Torrei is on the road touring her stand-up and working with Dame […]

Girls, do you have a friend that gets crazy when she drinks? If not you may be that friend. Torrei is that friend, especially in Vegas! Dominique is not that friend, she has had to search a club for her drunk friend. She found her in the bathroom doing cheers and dances. Tell us your stories […]

Kym and Sherri are off today so in the funny chair we have Dominique and Torrei Hart. And of course Tom likes to start the show off with “some mess!” The first thing he wanted to talk about was how Kevin Hart bought his whole crew cars. Torrei said she heard about it and just […]

Halloween was last week, but some kids are insisting on wearing their costumes. When do you make your child take their costumes off? Sherri says it can be based on how much the costume costs, if it was expensive she’ll let her son keep it on longer. Dom says she thinks the costume needs to […]

As you’ve gotten older have you noticed that you’re starting to become more and more like your mother? Dominique says her mom whispered all of the time, and she’s found herself doing it! Sherri’s mom kept more things in her bra than in her purse, and Sherri has caught herself doing it too! In what […]

Both ladies agree that you can give your child a debit card at any age. Myra says, as long as they’re old enough to start working. Dominique says the balance should match the age, “if you’re 12 you get $12.” And she thinks that you should make sure they always keep some cash on them. […]

Yesterday Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin in a private meeting. The secrecy surrounding their meeting has many people feeling uncomfortable. Sybil shares her feelings about the situation. In the funny chair we have Myra J. and Dominique because Kym and Sherri are out today working on their TV shows. READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: SIGN […]

Ever wonder if your favorite actors or comedians knew what they’d become to people? Or if they’d be as big as they are now?  Well, Dominique was humbly surprised by the path her career took. “No, I don’t think so, not early on Donnie,” explained Dominique about her career in comedy. “I’m really thrilled and blessed […]