With Christmas just days away, we're looking out for those still doing last-minute shopping with gift ideas for dad all the way to the dog.

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Check the calendar. No, this isn’t a dream. It really is December, and Christmas Day is staring you straight in the face. And if you celebrate Hanukkah, it’s coming even sooner. Where did the holiday season go? Well, no time to reminisce now. It’s down to the wire, but there are still methods to save money on […]

A woman was caught on video screaming the n-word and pulling a knife on a black family in an Oregon parking lot, over a parking spot. On Dec. 24, 20-year-old Emora Roberson recorded an irate woman attacking her family. Roberson was in a car with her 15-month-old daughter, her boyfriend and an aunt doing some […]

Most of us would like a drama free Christmas! One way to avoid any drama on Christmas is to stay away from giving these 10 things as gifts. Don’t give anyone a plane ticket, that may come across as you trying to get rid of them! Do not give anyone a gym membership, that makes […]

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BOSTON (AP) — A Black Panther “slash claw” and a plastic Power Rangers sword are among the toys topping a consumer safety group’s annual list of worst toys for the holiday season. Massachusetts-based World Against Toys Causing Harm, or W.A.T.C.H., unveiled its list Tuesday at a Boston children’s hospital. A Nerf gun, a Cabbage Patch […]

12/12/17- Lavell is very concerned about big people going Christmas shopping so he’s got some tips. Don’t kill yourselves running around the mall, instead take the escalators, they’re there for a reason. Also breathe through your mouth and nose because the more air the better. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

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All photos courtesy of Renae Bluitt at inhershoesblog.com, with permission granted from merchant. Recent studies have shown that the lifespan of a dollar in the Asian community is 28 days, in the Jewish community the lifespan of a dollar is 19 days, and the lifespan in the Black community is approximately six hours. Six entire hours. […]

We aren't thinking about Christmas just yet, but Oprah's annual list of her "favorite things" will have you creating a wishlist before Thanksgiving dinner.

When you’re a parent, Christmas time is more hectic than you ever thought it could be! Luckily, Jasmine Sanders has some helpful tips to remember in…