One of the biggest things people wanted for a final 'Friday' sequel was for Smokey to return to close out his character's cliffhanger ending, but it seems like actor Chris Tucker isn't too keen on being seen as an icon for cannibis culture.

We pay tribute to 20 of the best Black comedians in the biz over the years in honor of the countless times they've kept us in stitches.

Here are some actors and comedians that have dressed up as women for a role.


Tucker explained that he didn't want to "shortchange my audience and my fans" as they've come to expect the same ol' Smokey but he feels that "I can't do what I did when I watch Friday now. I can't do that. I was where I was when I was acting but now i'm in my 40's now. I can do something even better!"

Tom Joyner has always had a love for comedians and they all love him right back! Chris Tucker has an immense love and appreciation for Tom. He gives him props for all of his hard work over the years. He was the first to have his show syndicated and the only one to have this […]

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Here’s some old school news straight from the vault of Hollywood’s forgotten tales… The family of the teen boy, Gavin Arvizo, who accused the late Michael Jackson of molesting him in 2005, first went after actor Chris Tucker and former talk show host Jay Leno. The Arvizo family met Tucker first, who later warned Jackson of his […]

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Hollywood has always had a fascination with sequels and remakes, but it seems that over the last few years they have overdosed on them. Case in point, actor/comedian Chris Tucker has just confirmed that a fourth entry in the Rush Hour franchise is officially in the works. In a new interview on ESPN’s podcast […]

It’s been almost 20 years since the first Rush Hour came out. The movie grossed $244 million back in 1998 and became a quick favorite. Rush Hour two and three followed after making even more money. What’s not to love about Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan fighting crime together in the funniest way possible. In […]

Actor and comedian Chris Tucker hits the stage at the Chicago Theater this weekend. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about President Obama’s Farewell Speech in Chicago and his appearance on the Smithsonian’s tribute to African America music. “Usher tore it up. I did he tribute to my good friend Michael Jackson. It was a […]

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Over the summer, Ice Cube teased the possibility of, “Last Friday,” a third installment to the Friday franchise. However, Chris Tucker wants fans of the films to know that he may not be on board for the project. In a Global Grind interview promoting his new film, “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” Tucker was questioned […]