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Destyni Triplett, a 19-year-old Georgia mom, was arrested last week and charged with reckless conduct after leaving her 18-month-old son alone in an unlocked, running car while she took a nursing exam, reports Atlanta’s 11 Alive.

Sandy Springs, Georgia police were alerted after a security guard spotted the unattended child, who had been crying for 15 minutes inside of a vehicle in the parking lot of the Chamberlain School of Nursing.

The boy, who was wearing pajamas and strapped into a car seat, appeared to be OK, according to a police report. The report also noted, the temperature outside was 74 degrees, the running vehicle’s air conditioner was on and the keys had been left in the ignition.

Triplett, who told police she regretted the decision, told officials her babysitter bailed at the last minute. The teen added that the child’s father was supposed to show up to watch the toddler, but failed to do so and she believed she was left without a choice.

According to Sandy Springs police Sgt. Forrest Bohannon, Triplett should count herself as one of the lucky few that her child is unharmed.

Anything could have happened. It was a dangerous situation for the child to be left alone at a year and a half in the vehicle,” Bohannon told WSB-TV.

Despite the arrest, the child was not handed over to authorities and remains with Triplett.

A GoFundMe page raised $250 of a $500 goal to help Triplett pay daycare expenses.



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11 thoughts on “19-Year-Old Georgia Mom Arrested After Leaving Toddler In Car To Take Nursing Exam

  1. Teresa on said:

    Sounds like the dad was suppose to meet her there and sit in the car with the baby. I speculate he called and said, go on in I am pulling up now. I feel for the mother and don’t think she tried to harm her child. She just did not make a good judgment call. Good luck with you education and finding the right help you need with your baby.

  2. Dumb sheboon! Now she wants us “crackas” to pay for her childcare. Another racist, affirmative action black pig that thinks she is entitled to everything at whiteys expense!

    • specialt757 on said:

      What about the white Neanderthal ape sheboon who left her 4 year old in the car and the child died, that was reported last week? Oh no she don’t want cracka’s to pay for childcare, but she should want to get somewhere and find some damn common sense. That white POS killed her 4 year child, shout that from your high horse you f*****g dummy!

  3. I pray for her and understand that she was trying to make a better life for her and the baby. A decision that could have been costly….BUT GOD….you go on provide a good life for you and your child….be BLESSED…

  4. Hope she failed that nursing exam, no initiative at all.
    Can you imagine how she will treat patients and where she will leave them, on the toilet for hours!!
    Why didn’t she take him in with her and explain, I am sure the college must have a crèche, don’t believe her story and it cant be the first time as no decent Mother would be able to shut that outside their minds to focus on her exam – dreadful.
    Just awful to even think about, that poor baby must be traumatised.

  5. RENO2AC on said:

    I’m not sure how things work in Georgia, but in Ohio the Department of Family and Children Services would pay for her childcare. Sheesh!

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