Although guys don't help to debunk that age-old "all men are dogs" trope, ladies aren't 100% innocent! These 7 cheating celebs proved it.

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NBA baller J.R. Smith is caught up in a cheating scandal, with accusations that he stepped out on his wife with “The Flash” actress Candice Patton. J.R.’s wife Shirley “Jewel” Smith has publicly responded by claiming she is praying for her husband and his alleged mistress. According to The YBF, Smith and Patton “have been seen in multiple videos and pics acting quite suspiciously, […]

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Jordyn Woods is taking a page out of Jamie Foxx’s playbook and is blaming the Tristan Thompson tryst on the alcohol. Sources tell TMZ, Woods was wasted before the she went to the house party where she was seen snuggled up to the Cleveland Cavilers player. Related: Report: Tristan Thompson Cheated on Khloe Kardashian With Kylie […]

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Kehlani and Kyrie are back to being friends following the singer's near death.

Porsha Stewart from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is in the midst of her own divorce drama, but that didn’t stop her from giving her…