20th Anniversary

While September 11th brings back a handful of heart-wrenching memories with every passing anniversary, it's also made way for a few bittersweet ones as well when considering the beautiful music that was created in tribute to that fateful day 20 years ago.

The everlasting legacy of Aaliyah shines on even 20 years after her tragic death thanks to a handful of factors, including rare photos like these 20 we found that captured her ethereal spirit both inside and out.

Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon and Amy Schumer are part of a star-studded group of comedians that will perform for one night only at Madison Square Garden to mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Hits like "We Need A Resolution," "More Than a Woman," "Rock The Boat" and "I Care 4 U" helped late music icon Aaliyah's 2001 third and final album achieve major success, but the genre-bending LP overall still stands as a complete R&B classic on the 20th anniversary of its release today (July 17).

The talented saxophonist Dave Koz is celebrating 20 years of Christmas tours and couldn’t be more blessed and humble about it! “It’s the 20th anniversary. I’m a nice Jewish boy from the valley in Los Angels and somehow I’ve managed to do 20 years of Christmas tours,” explained Koz. “I feel so blessed after all these years. […]

Wendy Raquel Robinson is celebrating 20 years of her community based non-profit organization the Grace Conservatory that focuses on the performing arts and empowering young people to affect change. “I cannot believe it’s been 20 years since I started my passion project Amazing Grace Conservatory,” she expressed. However, Robinson has her goals set high as she announced the […]