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Burger King, the fast food empire that’s been McDonald’s biggest competition for decades, lives by their classic slogan, “Have It Your Way.”

However, many felt they took that saying a little too seriously over in Thailand when it was revealed earlier this week that a limited edition item was being added to the menu: a meat-free “Real Cheeseburger” that pairs a Sesame seed bun with a ‘whopping’ 20 slices of stacked cheese.


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The New York Times did an interesting exposé on what they referred to as a “brief, dry life” of the viral condiment concoction. There were even reports that some of the cheese wasn’t even grilled or melted at all. As expected in the TikTok era, that didn’t deter Thailand BK lovers as they literally ate up the attention by purchasing at record numbers for video content. Priced at 109 Thai baht ($3.10), a third of the usual price of 380 baht ($10.90), the Real Cheeseburger was getting so popular during its limited run that one shift manager said they had to pause mobile orders in order to have supply for walk-in customers. Talk about cheesy!


As of now, it appears that we won’t be receiving the “Venti Velveeta” version of a Whopper here in America anytime soon. Still, we had to ask the obvious: would you try this cheesy concoction? While the concept of cheese on bread is a classic combination that gave us favorites like grilled cheese and cheese bread boats, twenty slices of unmelted Kraft stacked on top of each other between two dry buns just doesn’t sound that appealing. We could be wrong though!

Good eats or lactose overload? Take a look below at what some are saying about the 20-slice “Real Cheeseburger” at Burger King Thailand, and feel free to sound off with your own opinions as well:


1. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t try it.

via @Tasty

2. By the time you get to bite 4

via @trashcrewfc

3. On another type of bread, with another type of cheese, butter, hunny and a bit of dille, yes.

via @dalheuvel72923

4. Literally a block of not cheese. Avoid at all costs.

via @KruDavidNan1

5. 30 minute after eating one of these:

via @Donsupahotfire

6. They could have at least toasted the damn buns . Chance for a killer grilled cheese 🧀

via @86ixer

7. Shit is ass… dont buy it yall 🤢

via @KhanateAce


via @athena20916063

9. One way ticket to constipation pls.

via @tbarrett

10. Dear Thailand, You have some of the world’s best food. Why this?

via @ErikLoomis