An engaging, titillating book can often be the perfect thing an individual or a couple needs to spice up things in their life. Author and “sexpert” Mary B. Morrison is using her words and knowledge to create books, plays and workshops that aim to bring one’s sex life to the next level. Morrison is not […]

The multi-talented Christian Keyes talks to Tom Joyner Morning Show co-host Sybil Wilkes about his latest book Dr. Feelgood, creating his own content, diversity in Hollywood, exercise and much more. PART 2 Purchase Dr. Feelgood here. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

One man. Two Women. Valentine Daye is Rich’s ride or die chick from the projects while Vanessa Knight is his uptown girl, who also happens to be his co-worker at the elite Jorge Jacobs clothier.  These two women will stop at nothing to make Rich their man permanently. He Was My Man First is the […]

Love is bliss, right? Maybe not so much so. In ‘Other People’s Love Letters: 150 Love Letters You Were Never Meant to See,’ author Bill Shapiro takes a peek into the hearts and minds of various people who were either madly in love or madly out of love when they put pen to paper in […]