Trick Daddy spoke on how he thinks Florida is doing under Ron DeSantis, and he's got "nann" thing nice to say about the good ol' gov.

Teachers packing heat alongside lunch may soon be the norm in Ohio thanks to a new firearms law signed by Gov. Mike DeWine.

Marvin Sanders defended himself in a murder trial not too long ago in Peoria County Circuit Court, and ended up being found not guilty.

54-year-old Milwaukee man Andrez Martina is accused of killing his grandson with a sledgehammer because he says the 12-year-old stole money. 

Gadsden’s Wharf, a former slave docking port in Charleston, will soon get a positive makeover as the International African American Museum.

Homeless Chicago icon "The Walking Man" became the victim of a gruesome attack after he was doused with flammable liquid and set on fire.

HBCU Xavier University was the scene of a shooting that left one woman dead & two injured at Morris Jeff High School's graduation ceremony.

One Chicago man thought it would be fun to boast the city's gun problem by pointing a gun at a local news crew as they filmed a live segment.

Two Colerain High School students in Cincinnati made a mockery of prejudice by taping "Whites only" & "Blacks only" signs on water fountains.

A Chicago woman sadly became a victim of captivity after police found her chained & sexually assaulted in an abandoned house in West Pullman. 

A Black woman paying $2,600 per month for an apartment in Charlotte is facing eviction due to complaints about her daughter twerking in the pool. 

A Black woman fell victim to a verbal attack by a racist white man, which led to him punching her over 10 times at a Florida gas station.