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Having respect for the boss when it comes to any form of business is pretty much a given — at best to work your way up within a company on the right terms, and at least to simply maintain a form of income to live on.

However, what happens when there’s no other option but to give management a stern word on the topic of your grievances within the job? A recent throwback to an argument between one Uber driver and the company’s CEO led to an interesting conversation here on The Amanda Seales Show.



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So, would you have the gall to step up and say something to the higher ups? Is there ever a way to make both parties feel heard, or better yet is there ever a point in the process where you simply stop caring? See what the hosts had to say, and let us know if you agree or even have your own “bad boss” tales. We’re all ears!

Get into this hilarious hot take below when it comes to standing up to your boss here on The Amanda Seales Show: