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There’s a deeper relationship that Black people must have with their health, particularly when it comes to making sure that we’re getting the best care when it matters the most.

One person who knows a thing or two on the subject is viral medical expert Joel Bervell. As a 2017 alum of Yale University and self-described “Medical Myth-buster,” it was an honor having him as a guest on The Amanda Seales Show to give us a crash course on all things kidney health.



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From how it’s affecting our pockets to the way racism that plays a major part in the process on many occasions, Joel sat with us for a slightly more extended period of time in order to make sure we were well-versed on the full scope of things. If you have the time to watch the entire segment, we highly recommend you tune in and even take some notes!

Learn something new about your kidneys below from medical expert Joel Bervell here on The Amanda Seales Show: