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R Kelly Returns To Court For Hearing On Aggravated Sexual Abuse Charges

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It’s a complete and total dub when it comes to R. Kelly ever again receiving support from the general public in terms of his music career. Once perceived as the undisputed king of R&B, the now-disgraced, now-convicted sexual predator is one of the most controversial subjects, taboo even, when it comes to any discussion regarding the history of rhythm and soul.

It goes without saying, but we think our girl Amanda has made it very clear over the years about her feelings when it comes to Kellz.


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That’s why we just had to give the floor to TJ out of sheer curiosity to give us her storytime of actually meeting R. Kelly. However, the “cautionary” tale led to an even deeper conversation about the idea of cancel culture in general as it relates to other well-known celebs who’ve notoriously gotten themselves wrapped up in the unthinkable.

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