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Are Manners Still Important? Weezy’s Parenting Skills Have Some Wondering… | The Amanda Seales Show

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers

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Although veteran hip-hop king Lil Wayne carries himself with a general IDGAF attitude, it’s expected of him as a 41-year-old man, born-and-raised in the southern region of New Orleans, Louisiana, to have a general respect and manners for elders, women and children alike.

While we know he loves and respects his kids — shoutout to the father/son time we’ve seen him spending recently with his three teenage sons Dwayne Carter III (15), Kameron Carter (14), and Neil Carter (14) — it’s come into question the respect (or lack thereof!) he may be setting as an example when it comes to women and his elders.

It all stems from his recent interaction with 53-year-old rap pioneer, Queen Latifah, at a November 2023 basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks in California.



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As you can see from the Internet fodder captured above by Hollywood Unlocked, Weezy is being called out across social media for not instructing his sons as their father on how to properly be a man by standing up when greeting both women and elders. Being that Queen Latifah falls into both categories for all four guys in the situation, many felt it was Wayne’s place to set the standard.

Of course, the convo spilled into today’s “Group Chat” segment on The Amanda Seales Show, and it was definitely an interesting dialogue amongst friends to say the least.

Watch today’s “Group Chat” on The Amanda Seales Show, and let us know your thoughts: are manners still important?