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It’s never easy getting through the end of any relationship. However, divorce is a special sort of hurt that, in addition to a broken heart, can oftentimes lead to a broken bank in the process.

When R&B king Usher and celebrity stylist Tameka Foster called it quits back in 2009, they still had ties to each other by way of two beautiful sons, Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond. Thankfully, it appears that both Usher and Tameka have taken the positive road when it comes to co-parenting that appears to be going well for all involved.




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Returning to Ryan Cameron Uncensored, Tameka sat down with her good friend RC to give an interesting take on the viral opinions that’ve been surrounding Usher following many, many “mister-steal-your-girl” moments during recents shows in his wildly popular revue, My Way: The Las Vegas Residency. “He’s a domestic terrorist,” she said to describe his newfound “menace” moniker, clarifying her jovial stance by adding, “He’s killing they asses! [Laughs]” [sic]



Keep watching below on Ryan Cameron Uncensored to hear why Tameka Foster is “so proud” of ex-husband Usher’s brand new (or not?) reputation for being a menace: