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Killer Mike In Concert - Birmingham, AL

Source: David A. Smith / Getty


From ATL’s iconic Dungeon Family to his El-P-assisted work in Run The Jewels, Killer Mike has proven in every way possible that Southern rap culture owes him a debt for the foundation that he’s helped laid down over the past 20 years and counting.

He’s also a proven solo star in his own right, dropping six projects within the past two decades that have only gotten better as he moves along. His latest, the self-titled 2023 effort Michael released last month, even got him on the road again with the High & Holy Tour currently making its way across America.



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Ryan Cameron Uncensored had to have the big homie in for a conversation while in The A for a tour stop at The Tabernacle. Ryan of course was a bit uneasy about the choice of venue — more on that later! — but Mike assured everyone that angels would be presiding over the event and many others in the month-long marathon. They also talked about making the music he loves versus what’s popular, and why he’s only beginning on his journey as a virtual new artist altogether.

Watch the full interview with Killer Mike below on Ryan Cameron Uncensored, and cop tickets to the High & Holy Tour right now by clicking here: