They've been divorced for over a decade, but Tameka Foster had a funny way of describing pop star ex-hubby Usher. It's not all bad though!

On the 11th anniversary since her son was killed in a Georgia jet ski incident, Tameka Foster hopes to condemn, clean & restore Lake Lanier.

Tameka Raymond‘s name has been dragged through the dirt from the day her relationship with Usher started until it ended in divorce. She talks to  ”The…

Kile Glover’s killer will spend the next few years of his life behind bars. According to reports, Jeffrey Simon Hubbard, who ran over the son…

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The man accused of killing the 11-year-old stepson of Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Foster has been found guilty on five counts. Jeffrey Hubbard was arrested last March for running over Kile Glover with a jet ski on a Georgia lake in 2012. The boy suffered severe brain injuries when Hubbard’s jet ski collided with Kile, who […]


As it stands now, Tameka and Usher are still fighting it out in court. Tameka recently filed court documents, which claim Usher is in contempt for not having a discussion with her over decisions made about their sons. A date for the hearing has yet to be produced for Tameka’s motion. Nevertheless, she will be […]

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Just when you thought they were done in court…they’re not. Four years after their divorce, Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster continue with legal disputes in relation to their two sons. Foster, a personal stylist who married the singer in 2007 after working for him, is reportedly asking a judge to reprimand Usher, 34, for […]

Honestly, Tameka and Usher Raymond really need to just get things together! According to reports, the former lovebirds are still going fighting for custody of…

Like most people, when I heard the story of Usher’s son nearly drowning in a swimming pool my heart immediately ached.  But I don’t think anyone one can relate more to such a tragedy than a parent imagining his or her child in the same situation. My heart also ached for Usher and Tameka.  It […]