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Regardless of how you celebrate, we hope everyone out there in the Get Up! church had themselves a glorious Black History Month!

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been highlighting some great content from within our culture, including prominent figures making change in our community and ultimately instilling the message that “Black is beautiful.”


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To close out this year’s festivities, we took a look back on a video that we think is important to share today by way of gospel hitmaker Charles Jenkins. The Chicago pastor, along with his beautiful children, created a video in order to give a simple explanation on what Black History Month is and why it’s important we commemorate all that makes our culture so rich. At a time when people like Kanye West are fighting tooth and nail to denounce BHM as just another marketing ploy by white media, now’s the perfect time to spread the message of what this time period really means to Black people everywhere.

The four-minute clip sees The Jenkins children dropping loads of facts on why we celebrate, who we decide to commemorate and how we view our future based on how this world has treated us in the past. Even though the clip is a few years old, the message is universal and will surely resonate for even more years to come. Hearing them drop knowledge on Black pioneers like Frederick M. Jones (inventor of the air conditioner unit), Isaac R. Johnson (inventor of the folding bicycle frame), Alexander Miles (inventor of elevator doors) and Henry T. Sampson (inventor of the gamma-electric cell that led to cell phones) amongst other prominent figures makes for quite the impressive viewing experience.

Enjoy this last day of Black History Month by checking out the clip below of gospel singer Charles Jenkins’ children explaining the true meaning behind BHM:


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