The New York City neighborhood was the backdrop of Gibson’s coming-of-age journey. Gibson and her family hailed from South Carolina and moved to the community during the Great Migration. The post Harlem Street Named After Trailblazing Tennis Legend Althea Gibson appeared first on NewsOne.

Barbie recognizes entrepreneur, philanthropist, and first documented self-made female millionaire Madam C.J. Walker with a Barbie doll in her likeness.

Montgomery’s story is a testament to Black resilience and ingenuity. He was one of the most influential Black men in all of American history.

As a result of her courageous efforts to uncover slave ships that sank during The Middle Passage, journalist-turned-pioneering-deep-diver Tara Roberts has now become the first Black woman to grace the cover of 'National Geographic' as a Nat Geo Explorer.

On Twitter, many are celebrating the author and anthropologist on what would have been her 130th birthday.

One of the most common ways proposed to help shrink the racial wealth gap has been through homeownership, something that has eluded many Black people throughout American history.

We’re coming to the end of Black History Month and our tribute to books and authors. So what better way to wrap things up than to offer our picks for the top 10 Black authors you should be reading. No, this is not a comprehensive list – we keep telling you 10 choices is not […]

Black music has sustained us since even before we arrived on American shores. It’s been our celebration, our satisfaction, our baby-making music, and even our call to action during slavery. Musicians move us through their music of course, but some of their personal stories have also been inspirational. Here are our choices of some of […]

When it comes to Black history books, there are a whole lot to choose from. So getting down to 10, is not just hard, its pretty impossible. So keep in mind, these choices are a mixture of some classics and some new takes on Black history and the list is not meant to be definitive. […]

It’s Black History Month again and this year, we hope our coverage improves your mind or at least expands your reading choices. If you watch this space, you will see a weekly post with new recommendations for books that are classics you may already know or those that we think are well worth your time. […]

  While Shonda Rhimes has put the world on notice that Black women can run successful TV franchises, women in television’s executive suite ranks have been few and far between with Black women fewer and farther between than anyone else. Channing Dungey’s appointment to the head of ABC Networks is one of the glass-ceiling breaking […]