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The prison system was always intended to be a facility for rehabilitation, mandated on law breakers to hopefully help them see the errors in their ways. Of course, we now know that it’s become a literal dumping ground for some of the most dangerous individuals who’ve made it so that we view incarceration as one of the last things you’d ever want to get yourself into.

Male inmates at Clark County Jail, who some may know from the A&E series 60 Days In, proved that to be true after a horrific report alleged that a correctional officer sold them keys to the women’s side of the prison and subjected them to what’s describe as a “night of terror,” including rape, intimidation and psychological torture.


A mugshot of David Lowe, the correctional officer at the center of the inhumane accusation, has been making its way around the Internet (seen above). He along with Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel and several unnamed officers at the Jeffersonville, Indiana jail are being sued by 28 female inmates in two separate lawsuits that claim the guards did nothing while the assaults began on the night of October 23, 2021 and lasted for several hours into the early morning of October 24, 2021.

More below on what happened next that’s even more shocking, via NBC News:

“Afterward, the female inmates contend in the lawsuit, ‘rather than support the victims who were subject to sexual assault and abuse, Jail officials punished the women after the incident’ by subjecting them to lockdowns, confiscating their property, and by keeping the lights on for 72 hours straight.

They also didn’t change the locks to the pod, even though the keys were still missing, the suits state.

The lawsuits were filed after Lowe was criminally charged in October with three counts — escape, official misconduct and trafficking with an inmate, according to online court records. His trial has been scheduled for November and he faces at least nine years in prison if convicted of all three charges, according to the records.”


Lowe has since argued that it was all due to a “mistake” on his behalf that allowed the male prisoners to get access to the keys and that he was both “coerced and assaulted” into saying he sold them. There’s believed to be two inmates that were the ringleaders, shouting vile things like “Where’s the p**sy at?” and “I haven’t had p**sy in two years!” One female inmate that goes by Jane Doe 1 in the lawsuit claimed to have contracted genital herpes from the attack. Another allegedly got pregnant before miscarrying.

Sheriff’s detectives have since made an attempt to debunk how the ordeal is being presented to the public, claiming that interviews with select women in the pod “yielded information that is in direct opposition to the allegations made in the civil lawsuit.” In addition to that, Sheriff Noel’s attorney Larry Wilder added, “Further, the investigation seems to indicate that there was a systematic plan by individuals who were incarcerated that evening to develop the narrative that makes up the crux of the claims in the civil case.”

Give the bone-chilling details of this situation, we can only pray those in the wrong are properly reprimanded and that all the women who went through an unimaginable ordeal, regardless of what they’re in prison for, get some sort of justice.




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