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The family of a middle school student is demanding answers from Haggard Middle School after bully, racism, and humiliation allegations were made by 13-year-old Semarion Humphrey.

The family alleges Semarian was invited to a sleepover by a group of students and was forced to drink another student’s urine while other children laughed.

According to CBS 21 SeMarian’s mother, Summer had reported prior incidents of bulllying months before the incident at the sleepover took place. Despite making reports, she never recieved help from staff.

In a news confrence she says she believed her son was invited to the sleepover for the soul purpose of bullying him. Summer told protestors Semarian had only befriended the unidentified student just a month ago. Among being forced to drink urine, SeMarian also reported being hit in his sleep and shot with BB guns that night.

Hundreds of protestors gathered in front of the school Friday to demand justice and express the disgust in how the school is handling the situation, and the prior reports that were made for a whole year.

The district shared Tuesday that they planned to hire a 3rd party to investigate any previous allegations of bullying where the boy was a victim.

According to Plano police are looking into the incident as a possible hate crime.