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Disturbing footage of a female customer being jumped dragged and the extensions cut out her hair at the Ohio salon Iconic Studios, is sparking outrage as it circulates social media.

The video, which was first posted on popular page Spiritual World has garnered the attention of celebrities like KeKe Palmer, Premadonna, Tanisha Thomas and more.

According to celebrity nail artist Tiffany’s (@nuthin_butnails) Instagram page, who recounted the story based on a private conversation with the alleged victim, the customer who was attacked refused to pay the full rate of her sew-in style because she dissatisfied with the stylist’s service on top of waiting 11 hours to get her hair done.

When the alleged stylist (@StyledByeDej) received the incomplete payment, she threatened to assault the customer if she didn’t receive her full rate, of $150, within 10 minutes. Cell phone footage shows the moments leading up to the incident and the customer trying to reason with the stylist before being attacked.

Three women pound on the customer before famed stylist Iconic Stylezz, whose Instagram page is now private, jumped in the melee to drag the woman around the floor by her hair.

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**Please be advised this video contains graphic footage** Standing up to this type of treatment is what I feel is necessary to do. This industry alone has a stigma of unprofessional business class and has for years. At what point does this industry realize that it’s our obligation to please and treat our clients with respect and dignity no matter the situation? This young lady was brutally attacked because of lack conflict resolution the stylist and owner failed to administer. WE AS AN INDUSTRY have to hold each other accountable! WE AS AN INDUSTRY support this young lady during this time and whatever she needs to get justice will be provided to her. This type of behavior is intolerable and inhumane. A man should NEVER put his hands on a woman or use his strength as a weapon when he as an owner should have deescalated the situation. For her own stylist who she’d already patronized before turns on her and attacks her because of a dispute that could’ve been handled in a non violent way. 🗣 WE NEED CHANGE!!!! As more information and details come to me for monetary and service support from the industry comes, I’ll be sure to inform everyone about what means will be used. She thanks everyone for your support and ❤️ and so do I!! #indusrtyawareness #BLM

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According to a woman claiming to be the victim’s younger sister, who goes by @JusticeLove__ on Instagram, it took police a hour to arrive to the scene. Justice claims she was on the phone with her sister, who she says wants to remain anonymous, for most of the day. “It took 9am-8pm to get a frontal sew in. She gave her half her price n they wasn’t going for it,” she wrote in the comments section on Instagram. “My sis is good and they got what’s coming every last one of them,” she added.

When asked to tag her sister, she wrote, “No. She doesn’t want anyone msging her or contacting her.”

Since going viral, beauty businesses have begun to rally around the victim offering their services for free in the comments section while others call for the salon to be shut down.

Nail artist Tiffany posted Cash App information for the victim, which can be found here.

The horrific incident demonstrates the disrespect Black women constantly face despite us being on the front lines of every movement. In the words of Malcolm X, “The most neglected person in America is the black woman.” Protect Black women.

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