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1. Biden Predicts Trump Will Try To Steal Election In November

What You Need To Know:

In the wake of disastrous primaries in states this week, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden predicts that Trump will use suppression to limit Americans’ access to exercising their voting rights in November’s general election.

2. He’s Baaaaaack! Donald Trump Returns to Campaign Trail

What You Need To Know:

Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail Thursday with a trip to Dallas, TX. Before the fundraiser with an anticipated $10 million haul, he was scheduled to make a stop at a North Dallas church for a conversation about police reform and race. 

3. Coronavirus Update: U.S. Coronavirus Cases Exceed 2 Million, Alarming Health Experts

What You Need To Know: 

As states end lockdowns and shift their focus to reopening for business, more hospitals are seeing patients come to emergency rooms displaying symptoms of Covid-19.

4. More Questions Than Answers After Louisville Police Report In The Murder of Breonna Taylor

What You Need To Know:

Three months ago, Friday, March 13th, Louisville, Kentucky police officers broke into the home of Breonna Taylor and killed her.

5. The Long And The Short Of It: LeBron James and Kevin Hart Back Effort To Prevent U.S. Black Vote Suppression

What You Need To Know:

LeBron James is leading the effort to stop African American voter suppression.

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