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Nia Long has come forward and said she had her own experience with a “Karen” on her first flight since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The legendary actress took to Twitter to call out American Airlines in hopes that they would resolve the matter.

“Hey AmericanAirI have a story about my first flight experience since COVID,” Long tweeted. “I’m pretty sure I met “Karen” aka Gina. You have to do better. Blatant discrimination will no longer be tolerated. White entitlement does NOT fly in this new day. Check your employees. More to come.”


American Airlines responded and asked Long to send them a direct message to further elaborate on the matter. Surprisingly, her followers came forward with their own stories about their bad experiences with the airline.

Not surprised by Nia’s tweet,” one follower tweeted. “When I flew americanair1st class from DXB to NY via LHR some time ago, I was asked several times am I in the right seat. Had a flight attendant snap their fingers in my face, was yelled at & they “ran out of food” when it was my time to be served.”

Someone else on Twitter said they never made it to their destination.

“I had a poor experience with them too, my gf & I refuse to ever fly w/them again,” another one of her followers tweeted. “It messed up her birthday weekend and they tried to give us a Saturday evening flight while others had a 6 a.m flight. We never got to Denver & celebrated. It’s much longer story though.”

American Airlines responded to the backlash saying they are looking into Long’s accusations.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are concerned and actively looking into it and reaching out to Ms. Long directly.”

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