Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry


American Airlines is banning emotional-support animals in a move that will force most owners to pay extra if they want their pets to travel with them.


A Black female passenger onboard an American Airlines flight issued a beatdown on her white seatmate for calling a Black crew member the N-word. According to, the incident was captured on video and shared by Facebook user Dre Justice on Sunday, showing the Black passenger confronting the seemingly drunk white woman for her racist attack. “You’re gonna sit here […]


NEW YORK (AP) — Delta Air Lines and American Airlines said Friday they will suspend all flights between the U.S. and China, making them the first U.S.-based airlines to do so and joining several international carriers that have stopped flying to China as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread. United Airlines announced that it will […]

A Black Central Texas man is suing American Airlines for allegedly kicking him off a flight so a dog could sit in first class. According to reports, Dana Holcomb is seeking damages from American and wants to change the overall discrimination policies of the airline. Holcomb was returning home after attending a birthday celebration in […]


Dr. Latisha "Tisha" Rowe stressed she wants an explanation and a dress code policy that is applied to everyone, regardless of race and shape.

A Black doctor spoke out after she said American Airlines humiliated her in front of her son and body shamed her for wearing a romper on a flight from Jamaica to Florida. Dr. Latisha “Tisha” Rowe, who is from Houston, took a family vacation to Kingston with her 8-year-old son. Rowe, who is a family-medicine […]


An American Airlines pilot was arrested Saturday at Louisville International Airport after he was charged in the 2015 deaths of a Kentucky couple and their neighbor.

American Airlines is trying to make boarding passes a thing of the past! They’re working on allowing passengers to simply scan their faces to board their flights. The system will delete all photos after they’re matched, but if you’re still a little creeped out you can continue to use your old school boarding pass. Don’t […]


American Airlines apologizes to the rapper Wale For an alleged racist incident.

A passenger on board an American Airlines flight to Washington D.C. says a flight attendant called the cops on her for “flying while fat and Black”, according to Vice. Amber Phillips, 28, writer and co-host of the of Black Joy Mixtape says that during a 30-minute flight an attendant called the cops on her because a white woman sitting […]

A South Carolina family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against American-Airlines for not attempting an emergency landing which they believe resulted in the death of their daughter, according to BET. Brittany and Cory Oswell boarded a flight from Honolulu to Dallas when she began to get sick according to court documents. Hours into the flight, Brittany, who […]