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Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot gives citizens some comic relief in her #StayHomeSaveLives campaign video.

The coronavirus pandemic is spreading and some are not doing their part in social distancing, forcing officials to enforce a city-wide mandate to protect the public.

The video has gone viral showing the mayor playing different roles during quarantine like “The Real Friend”, “The Baller”, and “The Baker”.  She’s trying a variety of activities in the house to promote staying home.

“I don’t have much time to myself these days, but I felt I needed to make sure everyone knows how I feel about this Stay at Home Order,” Lightfoot tweeted with the video. “Which one motivates you the most to stay at home?”

She has also embraced the memes created on social media after she scolded Chicagoans for continuing to go to the lakefront and other public spaces.  The big crowds led to a city shutdown of beaches, the lakefront trail and bike trails.

Other cities have followed suit and ordered shutdowns across the country.  Watch the video below to possibly find new activities to do while you save lives.

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