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Da Brat recently confirmed in an emotional post in Instagram that she and businesswoman Jesseca Dupart are together.

Now she’s opening up about her decision to make her relationship public after months of online speculation.

During the Rickey Smiley Morning Show on Friday (March 27), Da Brat admitted that she was initially hesitant about going public with Dupart because she didn’t want to deal with the haters.

“I have always been an advocate for privacy pretty much to protect the interest of the other party involved. Because if you’re not used to this life, and the scrutiny that comes with it, it can break you,” she explained, via  “I’ve been talked about for way over 20 years or more, and my coat of armor is pretty thick, so I’ve learned what to say and what not to say, and the battles that I decide to choose to fight…most of the time I just stay silent and let people speculate.”


Jesseca recently shared a video of herself gifting Da Brat a pricey Bentley as an early birthday gift. In the caption, she slammed claims that they have been hiding their relationship, MadameNoire reports (see clip below). She also described the hip-hop star as her “better half” and “my forever.”

On the Rickey Smiley Show last week, Da Brat explained why she wasn’t forthcoming about her sexuality during her rise to fame.

“I’ve never confirmed anything because you know in the 90’s it wasn’t cool. It wasn’t cool back in the day. I’m a little nervous because I’m not really used to talking about this because I’m not a public person when it comes to my personal life,” Da Brat said. “But when you get blessed and somebody who wasn’t even looking loves you like you never been loved before, it’s like a whole different experience. Like Jill Scott says, she loves me from hair follicles down to my toenails.”


Da Brat also had nothing but praise for her fiance.

“She inspires me, she believes in me, she motivates me, she accepts me for who I am — my past, my faults, mistakes. We can talk about anything and everything. There’s nothing I can’t talk about with her and it’s just amazing,” she said of Dupart. “On top of that, she spoil [sic] me. I’m already Da Brat, so I’m just blessed all the way around. I’ve never in all my years, and I came out in the 90s, I’ve never really opened up about anything personal because with new levels comes new devils. They out there and they’re coming for us, but we don’t care because we strong and we can get through anything together. I’m very happy to say I have somebody like BB Judy.”

Listen to Da Brat’s interview on the Rickey Smiley Show via the player above.

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