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A Black female passenger onboard an American Airlines flight issued a beatdown on her white seatmate for calling a Black crew member the N-word.

According to, the incident was captured on video and shared by Facebook user Dre Justice on Sunday, showing the Black passenger confronting the seemingly drunk white woman for her racist attack.

“You’re gonna sit here and call him a ‘f*cking g n*gger’ while you’re sitting beside an African-American woman?” the Black passenger asks her. “You are f*ucking stupid. You need to be locked the f*ck up. I hope they lock your m*ther*cking ass up, ’cause you a dumb ass b*tch.”

The white woman fires back and dares the Black woman to “hit me if you’re trying to” and she’s also heard saying “my cousin is black.” She then calls the Black woman the N-word and that’s when all hell breaks loose.

The Black woman grabs the white woman by her throat and nearly pushes her off her seat.

“Who’s a n*gger?!,” the Black woman asks as flight crew members, including the Black male at the center of the white woman’s racial tirade,  attempt to separate them.

“B*tch, you done lost your m*ther*cking mind! You done lost your m*therf*cking mind!,” the woman said, as the white passenger screams “Get the f*ck off me!”

“You gon sit beside me and call him a m*therf*cking n*gger,” the Black woman says before she is led away by crew members.

The white woman caps off her rude behavior by asking the crew to call security.

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