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Former “The Chi” actress Tiffany Boone has addressed her departure from Showtime’s Lena Waithe-created series for the first time since leaving the show in late 2018.

We previously reported… Boone was among the multiple actresses on the set who called out co-star Jason Mitchell’s misconduct, which ultimately caused her to quit the series and he was fired from the drama.

Mitchell was dropped from the third season of “The Chi” after allegations of “off-set” misconduct emerged from the Netflix comedy “Desperados.”

Sources shared with THR at the time that Mitchell was removed from “Desperados” after making “highly inappropriate” comments to multiple Hispanic actresses in the film. After the actor was dropped from the production, his agent, manager and legal representation also kicked him to the curb before he was booted from “The Chi.”

In a new post on Instagram, Boone said she wasn’t ready to discuss her departure — but she’s now here to spill the tea. Check out the post below.

In the lengthy statement, she describes hearing about Mitchell’s firing from “The Chi.”

“In full transparency, I was aware that some news was coming, but work had allowed me to focus elsewhere,” she wrote. “I’d heard whispers that my previous co-star had been fired from a new project and subsequently fired from the show we worked on together. … I had finished my time on The Chi in November of 2018 and had already been working on a new series for several months.”

Boone goes on to explain…”I’d already spoken to HR and high-level producers about a few of my concerns after season one. I returned for season two, feeling assured that HR training would set the show on the right track. However, once we started filming, I quickly realized that not everyone was interested in creating a work environment that was conducive to each person feeling safe, seen, and heard.”

After further conversation with HR, Boone requested to be released from her contract. “It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made,” she said. “With all that said, I know that people expect to hear the details of everything I encountered along this journey. I completely understand that desire. At this time, I am not in a place where I am comfortable sharing any more than I already have.”

We reported earlier… Mitchell has denied the allegations.

“To be honest I’m not 100 percent sure what the allegations themselves were,” he explained on The Breakfast Club last year. He also claimed that there was “no situation” between him and Boone.

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