Months after coming out to her family, Noelle Robinson brought her alleged girlfriend home to meet her mom, “Real Housewives of Atlanta “star, Cynthia Bailey, Bailey’s fiancé, Fox Sports host, Mike Hill, and Hill’s daughters, Kayla and Ashlee.

A photo of Noelle, 20, and Alexis Powell, a recent Howard graduate was shared on social media showing the two enjoying what looks like a family gathering with drinks and food. Noelle and Alexis may have met during Noelle’s short time at Howard, before she left school for other career pursuits.


Earlier this season on the RHOA, Noelle opened up to her mother during a car ride, sharing that she identifies as sexually fluid and does not define herself to be exclusively attracted to men, or women.

“People try to box everyone in and put labels on everything, but I don’t really do that,” Noelle said in the clip. “I just like who I like, and that’s just what it is. There’s a lot of attractive guys, and there’s a lot of attractive girls.”

Bailey took in Noelle’s admission with understanding and warmth, proving that her daughter truly has a safe haven to be herself.

“I just want you to be happy, Noelle,” Cynthia replied. “If you meet an amazing young lady, that’s a blessing. If you meet an amazing young man, that’s a blessing. As long as they’re good people and they love and support you.”

Cynthia also said that Noelle’s father, actor Leon Robinson, stands in solidarity with his daughter, although the conversation at first took some getting used to for the family.

Later Cynthia and Noelle shared an important moment as they travelled to New York City in June to celebrate Pride Month together.

Cynthia was asked about her daughter’s deeply personal admission during multiple interviews where she maintained that she supports Noelle wholeheartedly.


“I’ve always tried to be the kind of parent to Noelle to make her feel like she can tell me anything,” Bailey, said during an episode of PeopleTV’s Reality Check“I didn’t talk about sex [with] my mom, let alone my sexuality or anything like that. So I really wanted to make sure that she felt comfortable talking to me about it. And she did, as you saw.”

Cynthia did share that she wanted to make sure that Noelle’s story came from her and not from someone on social media through a secret recording.

“As soon as I knew this was a life choice and this is who she was, I was like, ‘You tell your own story, that way you don’t have to worry about anyone else telling it for you,’” she said.