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Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Cynthia Bailey’s daughter Noelle Robinson, 20, has revealed that she’s bisexual.

Noelle made the revelation to her mother on Sunday’s episode of RHOA, while Bailey was driving with her daughter and asked about her dating life at Howard University.

“You didn’t meet anyone during your college experience?” she asked. “When I helped you move in, I saw a lot of cute guys.”

Noelle responded, “I definitely ended up meeting a couple of girls that I thought were cool in a romantic aspect.”

Bailey then asked if she was interested in both men and women, to which Noelle explained… “People like to try and box everybody in and put labels on everything, but I don’t really do that,” she said. “There’s a lot of attractive guys and there’s a lot of attractive girls … It really just came out of nowhere a little bit. I just wasn’t really expecting that to happen.”

Bailey admitted that she’s adjusting to her daughter being sexually fluid.

“Since Noelle’s been in college, she told me that she thought she was fluid. I just didn’t know that she was out there being fluid,” she said.

Check the video above for more of the conversation.

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