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The infamous Popeyes chicken sandwich returned last week and folks have been acting a damn fool about it at locations across the country.

Sadly, one man was killed for cutting another man in line for the sandwich, and another wild scene from a Popeyes location in south L.A. shows extreme rage at a drive-thru when a car was damaged.

This week, a new viral video shows a white man repeatedly hurling the n-word at another customer in a Popeyes packed with Black patrons.

The clips starts with the man screaming “fu*k you” in the restaurant, via Complex. He then yells at the customer, “Don’t you motherfu*ker, don’t you! Don’t you n****r!”

“Fucking n****r-ass motherfu*ker, fucking get out of my way!,” the angry white man screams while exiting the eatery.

Another clip shows him catching some heat outside the store and made to apologize.

“Say sorry right now!” a Black man says while the white man is on the ground: “I’m sorry!” he shouts as directed.

There are some reports that his chicken sandwich was also stolen during the moment.

Watch the madness unfold below via the Twitter video embeds below.

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