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That Popeye’s chicken sandwich may be the bomb-diggety, but it’s downright dangerous to your health. As we reported earlier, it can also get you killed. And, it apparently scrambles your brain.

A woman in California has become the latest person to act a fool over the sandwich. On Tuesday when she attempted to cut in line at a local drive-thru she ended up basically destroying her Mercedes Benz!

The whole thing was caught on video and several witnesses can be heard laughing at the unidentified driver throughout the incident.

The woman, driving an early 2000s silver Mercedes, can been seen trying to force her vehicle between a pillar and in front of another car in the line, reports the Daily Mail.

As anyone with working eyes can see, the opening was obviously too narrow for her car to fit through. However,  the woman advances regardless, scraping the passenger side of her car against the concrete post.

As bystanders call out that she’s “f***ing [her] sh*t up,” she then backs up and grinds her car against the same post again, before shunting forward and colliding with another vehicle.

“It’s never that serious,” someone can be heard calling out in the background. “All this for a chicken sandwich,” another adds.

On top of the indignity she created for herself, a Popeyes worker approaches then tells her she’s forbidden from placing an order at the restaurant due to attempting to cut the line and causing a scene at the drive-thru.

It didn’t matter, she continued to grind her vehicle against the concrete pillar with dents forming on both of the passenger doors and the car’s side-skirting starting to fall away.

The video ends when the person recording pans away to a patron eating one of the sandwiches, asking her “Is it worth it?” to which the person responds with a full mouth, “Yes!”