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Although Gabrielle Union is now known as one of the most beautiful women in entertainment and film, she wasn’t always treated this way.

In a recent interview with AOL’s “Build Series,” the actress explained that she was once passed over for a role because she wasn’t considered pretty enough.


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While auditioning for a role in “Goode Behavior” in 1996, Union was rejected from the role of the daughter. Instead, actress Bianca Lawson was casted and went on to star in the UPN series. Union said when her manager asked the casting directors how she could improve her craft for future auditions, she was told it wasn’t talent, it was looks.

“I was testing for a pilot of UPN, Google the network, it no longer exists. Coincidence, I think not,” she started with fun shade.

“It was between me, and another girl–she’s known, Bianca Lawson, from “Queen Sugar” fame, who’s lovely. And she ended up getting the job. My manager said, ‘Why? is there anything we can give her to work on for the next gig?’ And they were like, ‘No, Bianca’s just prettier.’”

Thankfully, the budding actress didn’t let early rejection deter her from her dreams.

“I live for an F you moment. I’m like the player that got traded in the middle of the season and comes back to like kill their previous team in the finals. I live for these moments,” she told the hosts.


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