Beyonce gifted her sister-in-law Bianca Lawson with an Icy Park box and we're reminded how the "Queen Sugar" actress never ages!

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Although Gabrielle Union is now known as one of the most beautiful women in entertainment and film, she wasn’t always treated this way. In a recent interview with AOL’s “Build Series,” the actress explained that she was once passed over for a role because she wasn’t considered pretty enough. Want Exclusives First? Click Here To Sign Up […]

When you consider that Bianca Jasmine Lawson has been in the entertainment industry for 23 years as a working actress, it’s hard to believe that she’s been able to fly under the radar as much she has. It’s not that she’s not visible – for most of that time she was credibly playing teenagers on […]

We have now been through 13 episodes of Season 2 of Queen Sugar, with three more to come, including an hour and a half season finale. The show has only grown in fans who love seeing the Bordelon family struggle with life’s challenges as well as each other. While recapping isn’t meant to be a critical […]

You remember them from when they were young. For the most part they played some brats, but it was okay. That just means they were good at their jobs. But since we’ve seen them on our favorite shows, what do they look like now? Take a look at these child stars who are all grown […]