Another white woman has gone viral for a disgusting display of racism caught on video.

Heavy reports they’ve identified Heather Patton as the white woman at the center of the viral video. She allegedly works in the film and television industry in Los Angeles.

On September 24, in a Los Angeles CVS Pharmacy, Patton was caught on video screaming racial profanities.

“I hate n*****s,” the video begins with Patton standing in the store entrance.

Witnesses said Patton’s rant began before a woman started recording her, according to Heavy.

Another woman in the background could be heard on what sounded like a 911 call. The woman making the call sounded like she was providing the dispatcher with Patton’s license plate number before adding how Patton “drove into the parking lot like a crazy person.”

When the woman recording Patton’s rant said she “is on drugs or something,” Patton replied, “no I just hate n*****s. F**k you, n*****s.” The 49-year-old woman was outside in the parking lot and continued screaming, “I hate n*****s!”

A white man walked past her as she screamed and said, “Come on lady, take a break.”

This appeared to get Patton going even more.

“I hate n*****s! I would kill a n***** but the law says I can’t kill the n*****s. If the law didn’t say I couldn’t kill the n*****s they’d all be dead,” Patton said.

At times, during her rant, Patton appeared to be smiling.

She walked to her car, points to the license plate on the Honda SUV she was driving and continued, “Here’s my license plate number.”

Patton chanted, “N****, n*****, n*****,” before the video ended and she drove off erratically, Heavy reports.

The video went viral Wednesday, September 25, after it was posted on Facebook and several social media influencers and activists shared it across several platforms. It has been viewed nearly 600,000 on activist Shaun King’s Instagram page.

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